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  1. # What is it
  2. ---
  3. Cryptohagen is a series of informal get-togethers every last Sunday of the month in Copenhagen.
  4. There is a similar event in [Aarhus][cryptoaarhus]
  5. ## Who is it for
  6. The meetup is for everyone who uses the Internet in one form or
  7. another.
  8. - You might be studying and needing to research sensitive topics
  9. - Perhaps you live in a problematic relationship and need a way to
  10. get help without your partner being alerted
  11. - You may be a journalist and need some tools to help
  12. protect a source
  13. - Or maybe you're a future whistle blower
  14. We can all find ourselves in a situation where we need ways to protect our privacy. We are a friendly group of "nerds" who get together and are ready to start the conversation with you about how you can get better at protecting yourself online. We'll have a talk about your specific needs and come up with some ideas to help you get started.
  15. ## What else is Cryptohagen
  16. Cryptohagen is also a friendly community that provides a space to discuss topics like privacy, online safety and security or encryption or any other subject among like-minded people.
  17. So come on down and say hi, have a chat and a good cup of coffee. All you need to bring is a friendly smile and the wish to get to know some nice people in a relaxed environment.
  18. ## Get in touch
  19. We have a [Twitter account][twitter]. Feel free to write us there, a few of us have access to it so we'll be sure to reply as soon as we can.
  20. [cryptoaarhus]:
  21. [twitter]: