Вы не можете выбрать более 25 тем Темы должны начинаться с буквы или цифры, могут содержать дефисы(-) и должны содержать не более 35 символов.
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Build Status

This repo holds the homepage of https://cryptohagen.dk/

Running locally for development:

  • Install Docker and docker-compose
  • Run docker-compose up. THis starts a local web server on port 4000 with LiveReload enabled, enabling you to tweak and play without having to F5 your browser.

If you have changes to Gemfile, run docker-compose run jekyll bundle update.

Publishing to cryptohagen.dk

If you have push access to master at https://git.data.coop/cryptohagen.dk/website, doing so wil trigger a build and release.