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I am passionate about hacking, food, fermentation and nature,
and having fun on the <span class="explanation" title="bicycle, unicycle">{bi,uni}cycle</span>.
![Reynir sitting backwards on a bicycle](/static/images/bicycle.jpg)
For the past two years I have been creating, collaborating and sharing wide variety of projects.
It ranges from foraging local herbs, making <span class="explanation" style="text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer;" title="fermented tea, fermented cabbage, fermented beer, fermented wine">fermented {tea,cabbage,beer,wine}</span> workshops,
started the [Cryptoaarhus]( [cryptoparty](,
hosting the knitting café at Café Mellemfolk,
contributing to [open source software](/LearnMore/OpenSource) among many other things.
I like going to hacker events where I have in collaboration with other people made things from pizza ovens to tools that help journalists secure their cryptographic keys in [Qubes OS]( protecting their sources.
For several years now I have been contributing to an open source project called [MirageOS](,
both online but also going to Morocco on so-called *hack retreats* once or twice a year to collaborate with hackers from all over the world,
@ -23,5 +26,19 @@ potentially allowing regular people to own their own data and run the digital se
Either individually or in local cooperatives such as []( which I'm a boardmember and contributor to.
We dream about a solarpunk future!
Some of the friends I made in this community got funding from the EU, the [NGI Pointer](
The fund supports open source projects working towards the Next Generation Internet with European values.
The funding for [Robur]( is to work on making it easier to run MirageOS applications.
This involves working with activist collectives and other interested parties such as
[](, [Autistici](, []( and [](
With the the office I plan on working from there just about every weekday.
[Robur]( is structured as a non-profit, and a certain percentage has to come from funds or donations.
The pay is far from market rate, but enough to live on and maybe pay for an affordable office space.
The deal is non-exclusive; with the company Sorbus ursina I set up I can make a business of the things I like to do. Or not. The structure is there.
With the the office I plan on working from there just about every weekday.
I am a social being and thrive around other people.
I look forward to coming to Frontløberne daily and share the space and ideas with the lovely people there.
[About this site](/LearnMore/About)

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