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About us

Cryptohagen is a cozy and informal community with a focus on digital privacy. Cryptohagen is for anyone who uses the Internet in one form or another. We are a ”friendly community” where you can share thoughts and ideas about privacy, online safety, encryption, and similar topics. Everyone is welcome.

We can help you with many kinds of questions about digital privacy. We can also help you get started using some of the popular and recognized security tools on your smartphone and on your computer. We can talk about that when we meet. Your specific needs are our starting point.

We get together every last Sunday of the month in Copenhagen at Café Mellemrummet. The café is a volunteer-run non-profit café. We expect you to be open and empathetic to the volunteers in the café as well. There is a similar event in Aarhus.

So come and say hi, have a chat and a good cup of coffee. Ask for Thomas, Rolf, Ove, or Helle. Well have a talk about your specific needs and come up with some ideas to help you get started. All you need to bring is a friendly smile and a wish to get to know some nice people in a relaxed environment.

Now and then we invite a speaker, or we update each other on new knowledge. We also organize an annual event on Tor Project and other anonymous browsers (based on State of the Onion).

Cryptohagen interacts as a community with Bornhack,, Labitat and IT-Politisk Forening.

Read our Code of Conduct.

Who are you?

Sometimes you need to surf the Internet or communicate with others without anybody ”listening in”. This also applies to you who think you have nothing to hide.

Maybe you belong at one of these levels:

  • You are a student and need to research sensitive topics.
  • You are in a problematic relationship and need a way to get help without alerting your partner.
  • You may be a future whistleblower.
  • You have been hacked.

We can help you at all the above-mentioned levels. We are not against digitization, but we do appreciate the rights of privacy also on the Internet.

Get in touch

We have a Mastodon account / Get on mastodon The best way to get in touch: Come and meet us every last Sunday of the month in Copenhagen!