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Build Status

This is a Hugo project.

Running with Docker

In docker-compose.yml, we have specified a serve target which you can run locally like this:

docker-compose up serve

Running without Docker

Go to Hugo Github release and fetch the latest package for hugo_extended for your system.

We want to align with the latest version always. If it doesn't work, file an issue!

Example recipe

# Fetch .deb from Github
wget https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/releases/download/v0.80.0/hugo_extended_X.Y.Z_Linux-64bit.deb -O hugo_extended.deb

# Install package
sudo dpkg -i hugo_extended.deb

# Clone repo
git clone https://git.data.coop/data.coop/website.git data.coop-website

# Go to website
cd data.coop-website

# Run development server
hugo server

Deploying the site

Simply pushing to main in our main repo at https://git.data.coop/data.coop/website/ will trigger a build-and-deploy of the website.

Multilingual notes

Our website is made multi-lingual using the following 3 structures:

  1. The folder i18n/ contains translations of strings used in the theme.
  2. Each content article and news text has a language version such content/<slug>.en.md
  3. The config.yaml contains settings specific to each language, such as navigation.