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Pinafore user guide

This will walk you through the basic usage of Pinafore and its major differences with the Mastodon web UI.

Home page

The home page is both where you write toots and where you read your home timeline:

Screenshot of home page

When you scroll down, the "toot" button transforms into a "compose" button:

Screenshot showing home page scrolled down

If you press this compose button, you can toot anywhere in your home timeline.

Screenshot showing compose box in a modal dialog

Community page

By default, the Local Timeline is pinned to the top navigation. In the "Community" section, you can view Lists, the Local Timeline, the Federated Timeline, and your Favorites, and you can also pin any of these to the top navigation.

Screenshot of Community page with options to pin multiple timelines

Multiple instances

You can manage your instances in the settings:

Screenshot of instance settings with a list of instances

For each instance, you can choose a custom theme so that it's easy to remember which instance you're currently using:

Screenshot of instance configuration with multiple themes available