2023-01-29 20:03:52 +01:00

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My dotfiles

This is a collection of some of my dotfiles for my Linux systems. They work on Artix and Fedora.

To install:

git clone
cd dotfiles


  • You need to make sudo rules that allow you to execute, poweroff and reboot without a password, otherwise the keybindings and scripts for those won't work.
  • The installation script requires GNU Stow to work.
  • Make sure to thoroughly examine these dotfiles and change them to your needs before using them.
  • See the READMEs in the individual subfolders here for special notes.
  • I use dash instead of sh or bash for my shell scripts. As such, all my scripts try to be as POSIX compliant as possible. If you don't want to use dash, you can change the shebang in the scripts to #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/bash.


The Unlicense.