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Build Status

Jekyll site for

To work on the code, either

Use docker

You need docker-compose. Simply run docker-compose up to launch the site in a docker container with livereload support.

Or install Jekyll locally

Install Jekyll and Bundler gems through RubyGems

gem install jekyll bundler

Install dependencies

bundle install

Build the site local

bundle exec jekyll serve

You can now see the site at localhost:4000


If not using Docker, it’s important that you build the site with JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build before deploying the contents of the _site directory. We’re doing some debugging stuff when the project is build in the development env.

Deploy to FTP with Docker

Make sure that you have created a file in _scripts/ called, (protip: just duplicate the file, and set the correct values, you should only need to change username and password.) Then you can build the site ande deploy it by running docker-compose -f docker-compose-deploy.yml up

This will execute a Docker container and do the following:

  1. Build the site but fail if there are any Frontmatter errors
  2. Upload the contents of the _site/ directory to the FTP server
  3. That’s it…


The contents of the index pages is defined in the frontmatter of the files _pages/index-<language>.md