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Add link to Digital Detox 1 month ago
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Add Nov 2020 date 1 month ago
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Add Oct 2020 event 2 months ago
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Fix August 2020 date 3 months ago
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Add September 2020 3 months ago
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Add August 2020 event 4 months ago
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Post-corona Cryptohagen is on 5 months ago
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CSS fix for links in cards 6 months ago
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Add June event 6 months ago
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Fix typos 6 months ago
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Virtual Cryptohagen April 2020 6 months ago
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Fix typo 7 months ago
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Removed time from cancelled event 7 months ago
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Cancelling March 2020 due to COVID-19 7 months ago
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Minor tweaks to Twitter Card. 7 months ago
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Add Twitter card, first iteration 7 months ago
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Add May 2020 7 months ago
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Add April 2020 8 months ago
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Add .jekyll-cache to .gitignore 9 months ago
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Fix typo in events.yml 9 months ago
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Specify specific version of bundler in .drone.yml 9 months ago
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Update Gemfile.lock 9 months ago
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Add Feb & Mar 2020 dates 9 months ago
  Reynir Björnsson 23141f2e84 Make data.coop logo part of link 10 months ago
  Reynir Björnsson ec4c5b1df0 Add data.coop logo 10 months ago
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Add Jan 2020 11 months ago
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Resize logo to 70% 11 months ago
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  valberg 84909006cf Adding logo 11 months ago
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Add info to the English page also... 1 year ago
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Add info about Twitter account 1 year ago
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Update the texts on the site to make them a bit more appealing 1 year ago
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Add note about Xmas break 2019 1 year ago
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Add Nov 2019 date 1 year ago
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Rename gems->plugins in _config.yml due to deprecation warning 1 year ago
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Add Oct 2019 date 1 year ago
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Add Sep 2019 date 1 year ago
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Add August 2019 event 1 year ago
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Add July 2019 event 1 year ago
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Add June event 1 year ago
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Refactor .drone.yml a little 1 year ago
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Still playing with docker tags 1 year ago
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Playing with docker tags 1 year ago
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Playing with docker tags 1 year ago
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Fix build notification 1 year ago
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Re-add notifier for testing 1 year ago
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Commenting out notifier for now! 1 year ago
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Reverting to username/password alone 1 year ago
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Trying different permutations of username/password 1 year ago